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BOSSY is the official Youth Theatre Group of Brentwood which stages shows twice a year in either The Brentwood Theatre or St Martins School.

We are very proud to be NODA Affiliated and have been nominated on many occasions for different awards presented by NODA for our shows and also our cast members.

Brentwood also have its very own answer to the NODA awards called The Brents – which we are also very proud to get nominations throughout BOSSY for shows or cast members.

BOSSY is run by a team of volunteers which produce shows for the youth group through passion, dedication and commitment. Bringing these talented casts that BOSSY develop  together.

All the production team have been fully trained and have worked in the industry, making them the ideal candidates to pass on their knowledge. This means that not only does the youth group produce shows twice a year but also learn many different aspects of performing along the way.

We also have a talented team which also volunteer to make sure that BOSSY runs fully from finance to marketing, socialising and to the welfare and well-being of the company and its members.